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Like Her (Ghana)

The Like Her Project aims to tackle barriers affecting the education of girls in Ghana. Encouraging young girls to 'Dream, Think and Work towards being Like ‘Her' - the 'Her' in question being any phenomenal woman the young girl looks up to.

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How we make a difference

Our Impact

Why we exist

Despite the successful rapid increase in girls’ enrolment in education in Ghana, numerous barriers still exist. From biased educational resources reinforcing the limitations that society has put on young women (such as images depicting professionals like doctors, lawyers, and managers as predominantly male), to girls still being underrepresented in some subjects (including STEM), it comes as no surprise that many do not complete their education. 

For those who do complete, there is a significant percentage who do not progress onto higher education due to lack of opportunity and encouragement. Safer spaces are needed where our girls feel more confident and where essential soft skills such as communication are promoted. Crucially, we need spaces where menstruation is not seen as a barrier to encouraging hard work and excellence.

To combat this, Khadija started The Like Her Project. This charitable initiative encourages young girls to 'Dream, Aspire and Work towards being Like Her'- the 'Her' in question being any phenomenal woman the young girl looks up to.

Like Her Project 2022

Like Her Project 2022

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"When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start to life"

Kofi Anaan

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