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Areas of Interest

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

After encountering and observing several challenges in relation to representation whilst pursuing her medical degree, Dr Khadija Owusu is a fierce champion for, and relentlessly works towards changing the face of medicine by increasing the representation of black and ethnic minority doctors, ensuring an equitable healthcare system is built for all; especially for vulnerable populations. 

Female Empowerment

Khadija fundamentally believes in amplifying the power and voices of women as well as instilling hope in young girls. With adequate and equal provision of education, healthcare and security for girls, our nations will not only thrive, but the success of future generations will be ensured. Khadija is incredibly privileged to do work and drive this agenda that she strongly believes in forwards, through her non-profit activities. 

Global Health

As a medical doctor, Khadija has a passion and desire to positively affect the health of individuals worldwide, especially the lives of those from lower income countries. After successfully completing Global Health courses at HarvardX and The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and working with several international organisations, Khadija will be pursuing a Masters of Public Health, to further solidify her expertise in this field of Medicine.

Her Work
Khadija's Interview with Michelle Obama
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Like Her Ghana

Khadija is the Founder of 'Like Her' Ghana. A charitable initiative started in 2021, The Like Her Project aims to tackle barriers affecting the education of girls in Ghana. Encouraging young girls to 'Dream, Think and Work towards being Like ‘Her' - the 'Her' in question being any phenomenal woman the young girl looks up to.

Melanin Medics

Khadija serves as the Director of Programmes at Melanin Medics. Melanin Medics is a UK charity supporting students and doctors from black African and Caribbean backgrounds, to promote diversity in Medicine. They champion racial equity by implementing positive solutions to overcome racial and socio-economic barriers. Melanin Medics is home to the largest intergenerational network of black current and future doctors in the UK.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School (EGA) is a comprehensive secondary school for girls in London, UK. Khadija is a Board Member on the EGA Equality & Diversity Board, which supports and advises the school's leadership team in its commitment to creating a school community which actively places equity and diversity central to its intent.

Raising Futures Kenya

Raising Futures Kenya is the charity working together with young people to create opportunities for rewarding futures. Without these opportunities, one in five young people in Kenya face living in poverty; unable to reach their potential. Their work includes providing practical trade and business skills training alongside tailored well-being support, which enables young people to overcome past traumas and realise their ambitions. Together they break the cycle of poverty and inequality. Khadija is a trustee.

GUBA Enterprise

Grow, Unite, Build, Africa (GUBA) Awards is a non-profit Pan-African, Business and Innovation Awards instituted to seeks to reward, celebrate excellence and innovation of African individuals and organisations in the diaspora and back home, that work towards the advancement, empowerment and progression of the African community in the Diaspora. Khadija serves as an Ambassador.

Like Her 2022
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The One Girl At A Time Leadership Academy’s Annual Change Makers Summit - Dallas, USA
VoxAfrica Interview
Melanin Medics Annual Conference 2022
The Association of Spouses of African High Commissioners and Ambassadors in the United Kingdom (ASAH
My Approach
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